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Today in our village, we cook 20 King size crabs each one 2kg. This crab item is very rare in our village. These shells are stronger than normal crabs. We broke the shells first to get inside the masala and make it easier to eat.

We call this crab Kali nandu, samba nandu, and Kattu nandu. We cooking crabs by making traditional crab gravy.

The taste is delicious!


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    I love crabs so much. It is awesome to eat hot rice with that crabs gravy

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    Ennala mudinja udhaviya nanum pannuven

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    Nenga safbiduvatha vida children safpidum pothu santhosama erukku

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    Feeding to needy people can be done without killing the innocent insects......

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    Cangkangnya ikutan di makan dong 😣😣😣

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    Ungada ellaa videos um ethana tharam paathalum alukkuthe illaye😍


    10:20 grandpa was trying to tell his line but was unable to say as the crabs were making him drool😂

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    At least kill before cooking...

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    దగ్గర లో నెమలి ఉంది

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    Watching from Singapore

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    മലയാളികൾ എല്ലാരും വാങ്കേ...😋

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    Love from telangana ❤️

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    Love from West Bengal , nalla recipe !

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    Good job help poor people

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    Super bro

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    This channels nowadays popular to world.

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    Canteen you brather 👍👍👍👍

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    I'm from Japan I can't understand what they're saying but the food they make looks delicious!!! I LOVE THESE GUYS!!

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    @Anubhav Das Yes!! I like k-pop

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    Add english subtitle

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    ❤️❤️ your cooking is lovely

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    Super dish WoW

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    Just superb

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    wow the crabs are big are the crabs from Village can i know the off your Village thanks

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    Mom: let us cook and eat. Kid: no amma let us grow in our home.

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    Only the large two legs of the crabs are edible, Unwanted legs of the crab are used for cooking.. Just average cooking

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    Why so many people dislike??? Are you jealous?

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    yummy, great cooking

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    I love their energy AND the food always looks so tasty. It doesn't get any fresher than this!

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    Anna what is your village name

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    Very cruel.

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    aise kisi bhi animals ko nhi maarna chhahiye unhe bhi zine ka hak h

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    You should kill this crabs frst it's looks pain and i don't like it :(

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    Yepde iske ge alla

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    Where are u from all

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    we all know they are the best

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    Excellent video

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    Don't eat commind .do eat individual. Because of corona vires

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    I love these guys. I wish I could understand what they are saying. At the end of their videos they appear to feed the disadvantaged. Wow!

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    Tritium I

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    Saddest video ive seen in a long time, those crabs are alive and are fighting for their lives just like any other creature would, look at how they break their shells and dismember them alive. cruelty and apathy this will have consequences make no mistake

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    Why do you think corona is killing us? We all are going to perish soon for being cruel.

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